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Visa Approval Letter (VAL) means a visa issued by the Malaysian Representative Office abroad to a non-citizen to enable individuals to enter Malaysia after the visa is approved by the Immigration Department Headquarters. 

How to apply VAL?



i-PUTRA no longer provide airport pickup service for new international students. You are expected to arrange your own transportation to UPM/accommodation. 

Student Guide





Student pass is a necessary pass to continue study at Malaysia higher education institutions.



Dependent pass is a facility provided to students who carry responsibility while continuing their studies in Malaysia. 





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Student pass is a necessary pass to continue study at Malaysia higher education institutions.

       Who should apply?

  1. Those who have a new passport, but the visa is still valid in the old passport.
  2. Whoever changes or losses the passport, the holder of the passport need to apply for transferring the current pass to the new passport. 

Whoever wants to change the pass from dependent pass to another type of pass, applicant needs to apply for cancellation of the valid pass. Applicant then can get a release letter from Putra International Centre.

  1. International students are responsible for the validity of their student passes while studying in the country. The immigration department usually grants a one (1) year student pass for first-time applicants. Renewal of student pass application is ONLY applicable for Continue Student.
  2. The renewal process of the student pass typically takes about eight (8) weeks to complete. Application for the renewal of Student Pass must be made through the Putra International Center 3 months (90 days) before the expiry date.
  3. Students who are late in submitting their application for the renewal of Student Pass will be required to pay a penalty. The penalty is imposed by the Malaysian Immigration Department.



Dependent pass is a facility provided to students who carry responsibility while continuing their studies in Malaysia. 

The application for the extension of the dependent pass can be submitted together with the application for the extension of student pass.


  1. For children aged more than 7 years and above, please apply for their student pass under the School or College. The Malaysia immigration department does not allow any application for them to be put under dependent pass Except for LIBYAN (BELOW 17 YEARS OLD) only. 
  2. If a family member is stated in the same passport, a letter from the Embassy mentioning the individuals in the passport cannot be separated from the passport. The letter must be attached together with the application.

Upon graduation, all international UPM graduates are welcome to join UPM Alumni Association in order to strengthen your global network relation with UPM community from variety of expertise. Since 1971, the UPM Alumni list has grown to an impressive list of 145,000 people - not only in Malaysia but from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and even South and North America. UPM Alumni has been known for their contributions in their respective fields and they have left a big impact on society and the nation and enhanced the university’s reputation at the international level.

For those interested to find out more information about the UPM Alumni Association, visit the Alumni Centre and the Alumni Association Official Website. UPM Alumni Centre is committed to planning and implementing various activities and programmes that engage alumni to maintain a lifelong relationship amongst alumni consistent with the alma mater. Alumni Centre is in line with the university for alumni relations and networks by impementing various programmes to bring alumni back to campus in supproting the university's core functions of teaching, research and professional services.

Alumni Association/ Chapters as a strategy to expand UPM alumni network locally and internationally is relevant with the growing need for strengthening university linkages with alumni. To fulfil this purpose, Alumni Centre is entrusted to promote the interest and enhancing the visibility of the university through linkages.

Join Alumni Association/ Chapters and reconnect with your friends and former classmates. Alumni Association/ Chapters support scholarships, student's financial assistance, employability of graduates and community services.


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Putra International Centre (i-PUTRA) staff is committed to provide services and advice while facilitate, develop and support for the international community. Aligned with UPM’s vision of becoming a university of international repute, each staff has their part to ensure that the responsibilities and commitments undertaken in order to contribute to the improvement of support and services.

There are twenty-nine (29) members of staff at i-PUTRA consisting of the Director, Deputy Director, Head of Division, two (2) Head of Section, Assistant Engineer, Assistant Accountant, Assistant Administrative Officer, two (2) Senior Administrative Assistant, sixteen (16) Adminisrative Assistant, and three (3) general staff.


Administration Section

Visa and Pass Section

Mobility Section

Global Engagement Section




UPM has numerous linkages and collaboration with outstanding international institutions and agencies around the globe such as USA, Latin America countries, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and others through Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Agreement. Various networking activities have been conducted such as mobility programmes, staff and students exchange, research collaborations, commercialised activities and technology transfer.






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i-PUTRA MAS Pilot Test Phase 1
SERDANG, 11 October – Putra International Centre (i-PUTRA), Management & Analytical System (MAS) Pilot Test Phase 1 has been conducted for UPM International Students Association (UPMISA) at visa and pass counter.

Walailak University would like to introduce the newly-launching  scholarship program for international students named "The Ph.D. Scholarship for Outstanding International Students". This scholarship enables international students to undertake full-time research in Ph.D. programs at Walailak University, located next to the beautiful seaside of the Gulf of Thailand, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Southern Thailand.  


The Ph.D. Scholarship for Outstanding International Students offers a 3-year financial support to international students; 

  • Full scholarships covering tuition fee, dormitory fee and monthly allowance (10,000 baht per month / approx. USD 300 per month)
  • Partial scholarships covering tuition fee and dormitory fee


Available Ph.D. programs for year 2017 - 2018

  • Agro-Industry 
  • Biomedical Sciences 
  • Chemistry 
  • Computational Science
  • Drug and Cosmetics
  • Management of Information Technology
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Physics


Eligibility Requirements

  • Be non-Thai citizen
  • Have outstanding academic records
  • Have an offer from a Ph.D. Program at WU
  • Have TOELF IBT or IELTS scores not lower than 61 or 6.0 respectively (for non-native English applicants)


Currently, we open for the first-round application, deadline on 15 November 2017, and the second-round application, deadline on 28 February 2018. For full detail of the scholarship and application guidelines, please kindly see https://cia.wu.ac.th/?age_id=895.


Walailak University Center for International Affairs Website:https://cia.wu.ac.th/?page_id=895 


Facebook of Center for International Affairs : https://www.facebook.com/ciawalailak/photos/a.1279281165423973.1073741835.1265333826818707/1669761829709236/?type=3&theater



Throughout the year we welcome International students to join the International program at Universitas Airlangga. This year, we are glad to announce that we will open the application period for one of our programs which is AMERTA For MASTER
As a continuation of our successful Academic Mobility for Undergraduate at Airlangga (AMERTA) for international undergraduate students, we now venture to call upon master students from all parts of the world to embark on an academic and cultural journey with Universitas Airlangga. 
Launched in 2018, AMERTA for MASTER Program encourages international master students to broaden their perspective in social and cultural aspects, economics, natural sciences, and healthy/life sciences. All courses are fully delivered in English.
  • Program duration: 1 or 2 semesters


  • First semester (Fall Semester): August - December  
  • Second semester (Spring Semester): February - June
  • Opens for all international students. 


Application Deadline 

  • First semester
    • Early Bird* (15 May)
    • Regular** (30 June)
    • Submit your application to Putra International Centre before 10 May OR 25 June


  • Second semester
    • Early Bird* (15 Nov)
    • Regular** (30 Dec)
    • Submit your application to Putra International Centre before 10 Nov OR 25 Dec
  • Tuition fee WAIVED
  • Partial scholarship is provided, for a total of IDR 5 million for one semester
  • Transferable Credit: minimum 3 courses and a Bahasa Indonesia class


Other AMERTA Programme:


For more enquiries please feel free to email us at mobility@upm.edu.my or call our officer at Nadia 03-8946 7446/ Suhana 03-8946 7808.




We would like to inform you that Universitas Indonesia (UI) is now accepting nominations for exchange students academic year 2017-2018 semester 2. Nominations must be submitted to Putra International Centre before 16 October 2017 (Monday).

INHA University are happy to announce that the exchange application period for Spring 2018 will soon be open and they are now receiving nominations. They accept nominations for Spring 2018 or Full academic year (Spring ~ Fall 2018).

*Please note that Inha University receives nominations on a semester basis, and therefore students who are planning to study at Inha for the Fall semester of 2018 do NOT need to apply now

Nomination Deadline by Putra International Centre:  9th (Monday), October, 23:00 (Korean Time)

In order to process the application smoothly, we suggest you to contact zawani@upm.edu.my and hanajohan@upm.edu.my by e-mail for further informations.

Mie University Exchange Student Application (Spring 2018)

The Mie University, Japan exchange student application will be opened from September 1st for Spring 2018! In order to take part in the exchange programme,  one has to fill in the application form and send it to the Putra International Centre until 23th of October 2017. The application documents can be downloaded from the following URL. http://www.mie-u.ac.jp/en/international/studyabroad/prospective/types-procedures/exchange/special-student.html (This web site is written in English).

Please read through "Exchange Program Guidebook". This guidebook shows
how to apply, about the dormitory, insurance, part-time job etc.

In order to process the application smoothly, we suggest you to send
application documents by e-mail to zawani@upm.edu.my and hanajohan@upm.edu.my for further action.

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